Lingzhi is engaged in water investment of sewage treatment plant, municipal pipe network and water supply company with rich experience, strong design and production capacity of environmental protection equipment, advanced Orbal oxidation ditch and rotary disk aerator technology, and model of Turnkey and BOT. Lingzhi has obtained strong support from major banks.

      Lingzhi undertakes numerous turnkeys of urban sewage treatment, chemical sewage treatment, paper sewage treatment and tannery sewage treatment at home and abroad with strong technology and advanced production capacity of environmental protection equipment, such as belt filter press, aerator, fine bubble aerator, mud sucker and scraper, mud scraper, bar screen and so on. Lingzhi cooperates with Henan government department, invests urban sewage treatment plant by BOT model and receives attention and praise from CCTV.


          Build-Operate-Transfer Flow Diagram


Feasible Research

We should carry on feasible research on project scale, construction requirements, charges and investment requirements before investment to determine the feasibility and operability.



Project Company Registration

When we have an agreement with government or its representative, we can register a project company. The registered company can be divided into domestic-funded, joint venture and foreign-funded according to the reality.


Investment Construction

We have strong capital strength and collect fund to invest this project as per project size and other situations to realize project completion successfully. Affiliated enterprises are in charge of project design, undertaking and equipment supply. We can cooperate with other companies to complete special project.


Operation Management

Project company is in charge of operation management to guarantee to reach expected requirements. Operation fees are charged as per agreement.



We will transfer the completed project to local government after specified operation and provide staff members necessary training so as to realize sustainable operation.


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