Lingzhi Serving for Environment Protection Industry Ambitiously
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Lingzhi Serving for Environmental Protection Industry Ambitiously

——Interview Wenli Wang, Director of Lingzhi Environmental Protection Group Design Institute

Lingzhi Serving for Environment Protection Industry Ambitiously

——Interview Wenli Wang, Director of Lingzhi Environmental Protection Group Design Institute

                    Interviewer and Editor/ MinFang Zhang Water Industry Market 



    “To start from crystal ice and to end with clear water” Lingzhi Environmental Protection Group (hereinafter called Lingzhi) is located in Yixing City, China’s Silicon Valley for environmental protection industry. Established in May of 1998, the Group has accumulated total assets valued at RMB 560 million. It is now comprised of 10 business units. Lingzhi has been one of the important Hi-tech Enterprises of Country Torch Plan, a council member of China Association of Environmental Protection Industry, executive council member of China Environment Newspaper and deputy-director of All-China Environment Federation. In 2010, Lingzhi was accredited as a backbone enterprise in China’s environmental protection industry. Comprehensive strength is ranked in the top 6 in wastewater treatment industry in present China and oxidation ditch technology is ranked in the top3. What great achievements have been made by Lingzhi recently? What is the development planning in the field of sewage treatment and sludge treatment and disposal? Water Industry Market interviews Wenli Wang, Director of Lingzhi Environmental Protection Group Design Institute at “The second forum of village and small town water treatment”.


Water Industry Market: China’s sewage treatment market has developed fully. In today’s competitive market, how does Lingzhi remain invincible? What are your outstanding competitive advantages?


WWL: We have done what others are doing. We are doing what others can not do. Firstly, taking science and technology as our pillar, Lingzhi has kept investing in technology research and development. We has obtained over one hundred state patents and has applied for international PCT invention patents in the United States, India, Brazil, Vietnam and South Africa. The application has been approved in the United States and South Africa. A number of patented technologies are in the leading level.


Secondly, focus on R&D and innovation of equipment, process and engineering, especially the modular and standardized PSDEO which meets the rapid development demand of environmental protection market by short construction cycle.


Lastly, explore both domestic and international market actively by excellent process, advanced equipment and particular patent advantages. To further promote internationalization and branding and enlarge global market, Lingzhi has established Nantong Orbal Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. (Lingzhi Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd) near the port of Haimen in Nantong City. Aiming at the international market, the company will surely become a manufacturing base for high-end environmental protection equipment in China.

In 2009, Lingzhi is awarded the Excellent Invention Award for Entrepreneur Ship by China Invention Association (50 rewards in China).In 2010, Lingzhi got the China Patent Award by SIPO and Jiangsu Scientific and Technical Award. Lingzhi was accredited as a backbone enterprise in China’s environmental protection industry, Jiangsu intellectual property management standardization demonstration enterprise, etc. Lingzhi focuses on market promotion of combined type oxidation ditch technology and water treatment equipment. Sales volume reaches hundreds of millions RMB and 90% is patent technology process and patented products. Lingzhi has outstanding achievements in tannery wastewater, alcohol wastewater and municipal wastewater projects. Comprehensive strength is ranked in the top 6 in wastewater treatment industry in present China and oxidation ditch technology is ranked in the top3.


Lingzhi has a mature and reliable marketing team. In 2011, we built five global marketing centers. The vision and mission of the Group is to become a service-oriented environmental protection enterprise with the best social responsibility sense in the world by the middle of this century.

Water Industry Market: What are the highlights and great achievements in technology, product R&D and business development recently? And your development plan in the future?


WWL: Now Lingzhi mainly focuses on the R&D and promotion of multicycle multiplier process which is recognized as first-class technology in domestic market because of its high denitrification, low energy consumption and low investment by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development. At the same time, matched modular and standardized PSDEO is being promoted which has a great development potential. PSDEO is a bioreactor which combines anaerobic zone, air lift zone, aeration zone and sedimentation zone. Under low dissolved oxygen (≤1mg/L) denitrification rate increases by about 20% and effluent water quality is good; Oxygenation efficiency reaches 5-8kgO2/Kw/h. Energy saving and consumption reduction reaches more than 30%. Its integration design saves more than 30% occupation area. PSDEO can realize modularized, complete and equipment production which is applied to industry and small town and village wastewater treatment, especially high concentrated organic wastewater.


This process achievement, identified as “to fill the gaps, leading technology in domestic” by expert group of science&technology division of building department, has 4 authorized patents (3 for invention, 1 for utility model); 1 assessment certificate for science and technology achievement and 1 enterprise standard. The project has been completed pilot plant test and demonstration project, effluent stably reaching Class 1 Standard A.


Development of the company in recent stage mainly consists of the following aspects:

1. Proceed in promoting short, flat, fast PSDEO product;

2. Prepare to appear on the market, further increase financing and enhance capability;

3. Actively expand subject overseas EPC market.


Water industry market: As the main market of company is in Henan, do you have any plans to develop other domestic markets? How about attention and investment of second and third-tier markets such as small-medium cities, small town and villages etc?


WWL: At present, Lingzhi is actively promoting modular product PSDEO whose subject is cycle multiplication process, expanding wastewater treatment market in small and medium-sized towns with its modularized product advantage. This process is based on Invention Patent of High-efficiency and Stable Wastewater Treatment Plant Using BIO-DOPP Process and Shared Type Oxidation Ditch. According to years of experience, PSDEO has realized resistance to shock load and fast start-up, which is adapted to the characteristics of wastewater treatment in small and medium-sized towns. And its features such as fast construction, uniform standards, ideal treatment effect, high automation level, low multistage construction cost, etc. make it easier to be applied in second and third-tier markets and small villages and towns.


Water industry market: What beneficial experience and problems does Lingzhi have in developing overseas markets? What are the main current overseas markets and how about the proportion of Lingzhi’s total business?


WWL: Lingzhi is still at the exploratory stage of overseas market. In the recent three years, Lingzhi conducted market research to Japan, USA, India, Vietnam, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Iraq etc. and applied for patents in these countries. Lingzhi successively signed cooperation intention agreement with Sweden, Bangladesh and India. Now, the Bangladesh wastewater treatment EPC project is orderly in progress. Dilip Baruah, the Bangladesh industry minister already visited project site. Besides, we have been awarded a water purification plant EPC project in Iraq of 53.8 million dollars. The current overseas market accounts for 30%-40% of total business and will reach 50% in the future, gradually be flat with domestic business.


After exploration for these years, Lingzhi thinks that, main development bottleneck of China’s environmental protection enterprises moving toward the overseas markets is lack of the experience in project management and risk aversion of international affairs, and it’s needed to train international compound professional management talents.


Water industrial market: What beneficial experience and advantages does Lingzhi have in the aspect of achieving discharge standard of industrial wastewater?


WWL:Lingzhi is outstanding in industrial wastewater treatment project of leather, fur and alcohol,etc..The comprehensive strength ranks top six in domestic wastewater treatment industry, thereinto the oxidation ditch technology ranks top three. The industrial wastewater is with the specialties of high organic matters and high ammonia nitrogen, the treatment hardness is extremely high. Lingzhi accumulated experience for years and formed a mature biological treatment process and methods, such as adopting combined oxidation ditch with high performance for nitrogen removal and its combined technology to achieve the standard. The combined oxidation ditch with high performance for nitrogen removal is patent process of Lingzhi and is identified and promoted by Housing Ministry, it owes the honors of National Torch Plan, Chinese Patent Medal and etc., and the specialties can be concluded as follows: 1 process easily, operation stably; 2 nitrogen and phosphorus removal effectively, sludge settlement well and the treated effluent well; 3 less land occupation, building in stages easily and the treatment cost lower; 4 the sludge stabilized synchronization, no need anaerobic digestion.


The project of “Industrialization of the combined oxidation ditch with high performance for nitrogen removal and equipments” is integrated with kinds of patent technologies, owes independent intellectual properties, high technical level and good market prospect. It has gained the financial support of 10 million from Jiangsu province major scientific and technological achievements.


Water industry market: in the 12th Five Year Plan period, sludge treatment and disposal are valued. Which technical route will adopt by Lingzhi for sludge treatment and disposal?  What is the development plan in this field?


WWL: Nowadays, every domestic municipal wastewater treatment plant has to face the difficult problem---- sludge treatment. Even in developed countries such as the United States, Japanese, and European Union, sludge treatment could not avoid in the certain stage of the sewage treatment. The sludge breaking cell wall technology has been matured in above developed countries, for Lingzhi, the objective is study and innovation, solving the sludge problems of volume & quantity reduction and final disposal.


The key of sludge treatment and disposal is reducing volume & quantity and avoiding secondary pollution. Lingzhi adopts the process of “rupture of membranes + dosage + pressure”, which can make the treated sludge moisture content reach about 55%. Sludge rupture of membrane technology is: oxidant and compound of sludge occurs direct and indirect reactions to break cell wall and release cytoplasmic, meanwhile, dissolve water-insoluble macromolecules into water-soluble small molecule fragment. Thus, the quantity of sludge is reduced. In activated sludge process, add a set of rupture processing device, which part of return sludge can be led into. The return sludge flows back into aeration tank after rupture processing to achieve effect of dual treatment of sludge and sewage. This technology has applied in several projects such as Wushe and Shuyang etc., also in the Bangladesh project.


Water industry market: Lingzhi attaches great importance to the building of independent property rights. What is the development strategy in intellectual property rights, scientific research, personnel training and etc.? How about the input?


WWL: Lingzhi insists to develop industry by means of science and technology, and attaches great importance to the input of intellectual property rights, scientific research, personnel training and etc. In the field of intellectual property rights, Lingzhi has set up a special department of intellectual property rights with professional engineers to corporate intellectual property and manage technology project. The creation of intellectual property is regard as performance assessment index for holding company, departments and employees. Request to apply at least 2 invention patents and 2 utility model patents every month.


In the field of personnel training, Lingzhi has arranged many special trainings for important departments such as design, research and development, marketing, engineering and intellectual property. Actively cooperate with a number of colleges and universities to bring in high-level personnel and reserve personnel, for example, the “excellent engineer training plan” with University of Chongqing. Every year, nearly 50 graduates from University of Chongqing accept engineering practice training in Lingzhi training center before graduation.


In the field of scientific research, to meet the requirements of business development, science and technology research and foreign contract engineering, Lingzhi has expropriated about 13733.4m3 in the national high-tech environmental protection science and technology industry park and spent about 80,000,000 RMB to build a research building of 14854m3 and leading domestic large-scale municipal sewage treatment process test base. Moreover, Lingzhi spends at least 4% of sale income to research and development every year. In 2010, Lingzhi research and development center has been established. The employees are encouraged to innovation, promoting the transformation of technology and research results. Further, the focuses of research and development are treatment process and practical new equipment. In the premise of reaching standard, the wastewater treatment will be more efficient, more energy saving and more stable, leading into a high efficiency, simple and practical technology field.


Adhering to the spirit of “passionate, innovative, persistent”, after 13 years of hard efforts, Lingzhi has transformed from a simple manufacturer to a service-oriented environmental protection enterprise which has integrated technological innovation, design and project contracting. For the vision of the group which is to become a service-oriented environmental protection enterprise with the best social responsibility sense in the world by the middle of this century, Lingzhi is making firm efforts.



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